World Scratch Wall Map - 20669
World Scratch Map

World Scratch Wall Map - 20669

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Scratch It! World Scratch Wall Map - 20669

Got the itch to travel? Scratch It!

MapArt’s Scratch Map of the World has a latex coating on top of a detailed and laminated map of the world. Scratch off the coating of the countries you have travelled to with MapArt’s custom pick scratcher (included!) and reveal detailed, colourful mapping underneath. Since the coating is only on the continents and countries the map looks beautiful on the wall even before it’s scratched. A unique gift idea for any traveller. 

  • Scratch off where you've been
  • Laminated — Write-on / Write-off
  • Stays flat
  • Full colour
  • Nice design looks good before and after scratching
  • Custom pick scratcher
  • Protective box packaging
  • Makes great gifts!

Dimensions: Unrolled: 73 x 50 cm (28.5 x 20 inches) Package: 10.2 x 62.2 cm (4 x 24.5 inches)

Proudly made in Canada!

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