Sud du Québec Atlas - 1138
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Sud du Québec Atlas - 1138

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Sud du Québec Atlas - 1138


It’s the definitive auto companion for travel in this area, whether you are a resident or short-term visitor. It’s got all the features to make even the unfamiliar areas easy to navigate.


Inside this 128 page atlas you will find back road maps of southern Québec at a scale of 1:200,000, a Québec tourist region map at 1:4,500,000, Québec key locator map, distance chart, community index, road index and events listing. 


The regional maps features include expressways, undivided expressways, planned expressways, interchanges, exit numbers, toll bridges, divided primary highways, primary highways, divided secondary highways, secondary highways, unpaved primary highways, unpaved secondary highways, feeder roads, paved roads, unpaved roads, unimproved roads, seasonal roads, airports, heliports, seaplane bases, balloonports, VIA Rail train stations, railways, ferries, locks, lock numbers, Québec police, Ontario Provincial Police, hospitals, customs, service centres, tourist information centres, rest areas, skiing, golf, wharfs, boat launch ramps, marinas, points of interest, landmarks, sugar shacks, snowmobile trails, Trans-Canada-Trail, campgrounds, UNESCO World Heritage sites, national historic sites, bird watching, viewpoints, lookouts, towers, lighthouses, major shopping centres, international boundaries, provincial boundaries, municipal boundaries, tourist region boundaries, rapids, waterfalls, beaches, rivers, peaks, mines, built-up areas, national parks, ZEC, Ontario provincial parks, protected areas, conservation areas (Ontario), bird sanctuaries, national defence, Indian Reserves, wetlands, lakes, populated places.


Saddlestitch bound

Dimensions: 21.6 x 27.6 cm (8.5 x 10.875 inches)


Proudly made in Canada!

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