Ontario Day Trip #1: Rock Glen Conservation Area

Posted by on 2/26/2018

The following is the first in our series of great Ontario day trips that can be had using the 2017 MapArt Ontario Road Atlas.

Rock Glen conservation area (located on page 16 5-B of the Ontario Road Atlas) truly offers something for the whole family.The beautiful ten meter waterfall is just one of it’s attractions. Known for it’s devonian era fossil deposits, you’re encouraged to hunt for and keep treasures containing creatures such as crinoids, brachiopods and trilobites.

A modest museum is packed with fossils and an indigenous artifact collection.The area also has a wonderful trail for a scenic walk but be prepared to climb a few stairs, it’s definitely a good work out.

Rock Glen was a big hit with us, above is our haul of Fossils, for a family of four the experience cost us $10. Got a great day trip suggestion for us? Send us an email with the subject line “Day Trip” to this email address.