New Brunswick Backroad Mapbook - 60095
New Brunswick Backroad Mapbook - 60095

New Brunswick Backroad Mapbook - 60095

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2017 3rd edition




New Brunswick Backroad Mapbook - 60095

The 3rd edition of our New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Mapbook features extensive updates and upgrades from our last publication. Most notably, we have added 11 brand-new maps, expanding our coverage to include all of Prince Edward Island, as well as increasing our detail of New Brunswick’s Crown land. All of our writing has been expanded and updated, including new trails, paddling routes and fishing hotspots. We have also included stocked fishing charts as well as trail charts for the province’s major trail networks. We have refined thousands of Points of Interests to help you choose the adventure that is just right for you.


Topographic Maps

In your durable, heavy-duty, spiral-bound New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Backroad Mapbook you will find 66 detailed topographic maps spanning both provinces, including 11 brand new maps. These maps contain labelled recreation sites, amenities, attractions, highways, backroads, multi-use trails and much more, making this your ultimate cartographic resource for the area. Our easy-to-use maps are unparalleled in sophistication and user-friendliness, making them the go-to choice for everyone from armchair explorers to search-and-rescue teams.


New to this edition, we have divided the index into Map and Adventure sections to make it easier to use than ever. You will find page numbers and map coordinates for each activity and location, plus important numbers, distance charts and an advertiser list for easy referencing.

Backroad Adventures

New Brunswick has no shortage of man-made and natural attractions that are easily accessible via the province’s well-maintained road system. The Bay of Fundy’s phenomenal tides, the Grand Falls Gorge and the scores of lighthouses scattered throughout the province are just some of New Brunswick’s easy-to-access jewels. Just across the Northumberland Strait, Prince Edward Island has plenty of pristine beaches, museums and other attractions to explore as well. In your New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Backroad Mapbook you will find over 120 detailed listings of the most interesting places to stop while travelling through the area. 

Fishing Adventures

From its world-renowned Atlantic salmon fishery, including on the mighty Miramichi River, to the vast assortment of hidden streams and lakes that can be found throughout the province, New Brunswick is a sportfisher’s paradise. Similarly, Prince Edward Island is a hidden gem for anglers, featuring some of the best brook trout fishing in North America. Your New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Backroad Mapbook contains detailed descriptions of over 350 of the best places to drop a line, including access, local species and stocking information.

Hunting Adventures

New Brunswick hunters enjoy pursuing a variety of big and small game, including moose, deer coyote, wild turkey and waterfowl. The province is also famous for black bear hunting and consistently produces trophy bears. Prince Edward Island, though devoid of large mammals, offers excellent opportunities for hunting waterfowl and smaller game. The hunting section of your New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Backroad Mapbook contains detailed information on each species found in the area, including tips for the best hunting techniques, as well as detailed information on over 30 of the area’s Wildlife Management Units.

Paddling Adventures

Known in particular for its spectacular coastal padding, New Brunswick is a prime ocean kayaking destination. On the province’s southeastern shore, the Bay of Fundy is known for the world’s highest tides, and is a must-paddle area for any kayaker. An extensive river network that stretches into the province’s interior offers plenty of whitewater and long-distance paddling opportunities as well. Your New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Backroad Mapbook offers close to 100 detailed descriptions for paddling routes in the area, including access, difficulty, camping spots, highlights and more.

Park Adventures

With a diverse network of provincial, national and international parks, New Brunswick’s park system offers visitors the chance to hike the highest peak in the Maritimes, pitch a tent on the stunning ocean coast or even visit the Roosevelt family’s summer vacation home on Campobello Island. Across the Northumberland Strait, Prince Edward Island’s parks offer pristine beaches, sweeping ocean views and an abundance of wildlife. In your New Brunswick/Prince Edward Island Backroad Mapbook you will find almost 100 detailed listings for the area’s many parks including information on activities, amenities, camping, access, fees and more.

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