Benelux Deluxe Road Map - 20901
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Benelux Deluxe Road Map - 20901

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Benelux Deluxe Road Map - 20901

International MapArt maps are renowned for their up-to-date information and clear layout. A must-have travel item, this map is both easy-to-use and easy-to-read.

The folded map of Benelux includes Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg at a scale of 1:300,000, an inset map of Amsterdam at 1:13,500, an inset map of Antwerp at 1:15,000, a place name index and bilingual map legend.

The detailed map features road numbers, motorways with junctions and tunnels, motorways under construction, expressways with tunnels, expressways under construction, major routes, major road under construction, secondary roads, other roads, railways and railway tunnels, ferries, Metro line with stations, international boundaries, administrative boundaries, international airports, airports, airfields, UNESCO world heritage sites, points of interest, natural features of interest, tourist information, post offices, viewpoints, museums / theatres, churches /  mosques, monasteries, castles / ruins, archeological sites / monuments, windmills, campsites, petrol stations, parking, swimming, police, rivers / lakes, urbans areas, restricted areas and forests.

Dimensions: Folded: 13 x 24.3 cm (5.125 x 9.5625 inches) Unfolded: 96.5 x 127 cm (38 x 50 inches)

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