France Southern Map HALLWAG - 20917 - $9.95  OUT OF STOCK

France Southern Map HALLWAG - 20917 - $9.95 OUT OF STOCK

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OUT OF STOCK Deluxe Folded Map Hallwag International maps are renowned for their up-to-date information and clear layout; a must-have travel item and this map of Southern France is both easy-to-use and easy-to-read. The perfect touring companion while in Southern France. Included is a Town Index Booklet which indicates locations on the map grid. With major motorways, primary roads, information centres and more leading your way, you will reach your destination with ease. Also included are points of interest and information a traveller needs such as tourist board addresses with phone numbers, currencies, speed limits, area codes and much, much more. The E-Distoguide let's you scan its "beetag" with your cell phone and then it links you to a website telling you distances between cities; a built-in Odometer! Also included with more detail are inset maps of major cities.

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